July 19, 2024
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handheld.jpgIntroduce the technology of a Treo 750, Smartphone, Pocket PC or other mobile device to your business team and experience the excitement as you see the amazing potential for growth. Our applications will accommodate any business environment whether you’re using a wide area network or a wireless system. Our mobile applications are designed to run on Windows mobile pocket PC platform and will eliminate the need for you to be constrained to your PC.   Your mobile device can be synchronized directly with the PC, your staff and employees can use them to input data while you monitor  activity real time. Most any business can utilize this type of technology to increase efficiency, accountability and productivity. Sales personnel on the road, service technicians, drivers and your employees who enter data into your business system, would be able to give you immediate access to data and dramatically increase your ability to respond to customers promptly.handheld_programming.jpg



Mobile possibilities for your business:
  • Scanner based inventory control
  • Contact management systems syncronized to your office PC, contact information on hand anywhere
  • Order entry for out of office sales sent back to the office for immediate entry
  • Service technician data entry sent  back to your office for real time billing
  • Track your employee’s progress and status in real time so you can meet the needs of your customers without delay.
  • Integrate GPS for directions or location status updates
  • Restaurants can use a menu interface that will  allow wait staff to take orders with the mobile device, no need to go to the computer, it downloads directly to the kitchen and can be monitored off site on a web based application. 


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