July 19, 2024
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A browser-based application has the flexibility of using a local area network or the internet and runs on any web based browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox.  This avails you access to your computer in any location, think telecommuting, travel or pocket PC.  A great advantage is the instant access for your employees, wherever they are, to input data or obtain data as well as your ability to monitor from wherever you are, in real time.  We use the latest technology that eliminates any security concerns.  Being tied to the office will be a thing of the past, on the road or at home, you will be synchronized at all locations. 
Will the Browser applications replace today’s Desktop applications we are so used to?  We think not, but we do think they have a tremendous potential to enhance your computing experience and productivity.  There are many browser based applications offered today that offer online calendars, E-Mail and even office suite replacements.  While these may be great solutions to individuals, we believe in order for them to be useful to a business they need to have the ability to interact with your company’s Desktop applications. TripleTrace Solutions offers a “Connected Solution” that ensures the application will function in both online and offline states for a seamless, uninterrupted experience.
Advantages of Browser Based Apps
  • No Installation. No need to install software on individual PC’s. The software can be managed in one location.
  • Available Anywhere. The software is available from anywhere with a connection to the Internet.
  • Secure. We can develop applications that use strong SSL encryption (this is used to process your credit cards online). We also offer multiple security levels for each user and you will have full control over who belongs to each level.
  • Not Platform Specific. It doesn't matter if you run Windows 2000, XP, Mac OS, Linux, etc. they all just work.
  • Easy Maintenance. Single point of management for the entire application.
  • Hosting. We can host your application on our servers which completely removes the need for your on site staff to maintain the systems. Or if you prefer, we can install the software on your own servers.
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